Valley Ridge Farms Cattle


We primarily raise Black Angus cattle. Black Angus beef is known for its superior beef marbling characteristics. Our cattle are exclusively pasture raised and produce naturally lean beef that is tender and juicy. Our beef are not grain fed and do not live in feed lots like conventional store bought beef. Fresh grass fed beef typically features a stronger beefier flavor and a healthier color and texture. Our grass fed and finished beef is aged prior to butchering and freezing for optimal flavor and tenderness.

Why choose Valley Ridge Farm's grass fed beef over the traditional grain fed variety? Our Ohio grass fed beef is lower in excess surface fat with more beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids and nearly four times as much vitamin E. Grass fed beef cattle are naturally raised with no antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Although we are not certified 'Organic', we follow organic principles in raising our cattle.

If you're wondering where to buy grass feed beef, look no further than Valley Ridge Farms. It's easy to purchase our Ohio grass fed freezer beef whether you are in Marietta, Columbus, Cambridge or Cleveland, OH and Parkersburg, WV. Order grass fed beef online.

You can purchase our naturally grown grass fed freezer beef in quarters, halves, wholes and ground meat by the pound. Our fresh Black Angus beef prices are lower than grocery store prices for comparable grass fed Black Angus beef when averaged across all the different beef cuts. The price of our grass fed freezer beef includes processing, cutting, wrapping and freezing.

Here is a comparison chart outlining some of the key differences between grass fed beef and conventional grain fed feedlot beef like you typically buy in the grocery store.