About Valley Ridge Farms

Valley Ridge Farms

Growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Phil raised chickens, rabbits, and ducks in his back yard and always dreamed of owning his own farm. Louise, who also grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, actually spent her summer weekends on a small cattle farm in Ashtabula, Ohio gaining valuable real-world experience that unbeknownst to her would someday be called upon. Although getting the two of them together on a farm in southeast Ohio is a good "porch time" story in itself, it was something that both of them set as their goal and worked very hard to achieve.

Their vision came together to create Valley Ridge Farms which is dedicated to providing all-natural grass fed beef, chicken and vegetables. Our locally grown beef and chicken is raised on the pastures of our environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly farm. Valley Ridge Farms provides fresh grain-free grass fed and finished beef that is free of hormones, antibiotics, artificial fertilizers and pesticides. We are firm believers in the fact that healthy grass pastures naturally produce healthy beef.